Ancillary Equipment

Ancillary Equipment


Wooden Backboards

Wooden Backboards are ideal for fixing Fire Extinguishers to the wall when the walls are not suitable for hanging Fire Extinguishers and a stand is not convenient. This is because the backboard distributes the weight of the Fire Extinguisher better than just a bracket.

Larger boards can be used with photoluminescent tape to make Fire Extinguishers more visible in areas such as warehouses and used as a Fire Point.

(See examples on Gallery Page)


Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Units

Fenland Fire can supply larger Wheeled Trolley Fire Extinguishers for specialist requirements. These include AFFF Foam (25-150ltrs) ABC Dry Powder (25-100kg) and Carbon Dioxide (10-50kg).


Wheeled Trolley Units

Made from Rotationally Moulded Plastic the new wheeled Fire Trolley is ideal for Construction Sites, Petrol Station forecourts, Campsites and Caravan Parks where Fire Extinguishers may need to be moved in the event of a fire.

howler alarm

Howler Alarms

Howler Alarms are a completely self–contained battery powered alarm unit. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor application and are equipped with a loud siren. There are many different available Howler Alarms to suit individual needs.

fire alarm


Rotagongs are ideal for Outdoor use for letting people know of an incident (for example on caravan parks). They ring up to 60db and are a good alternative to a fixed fire alarm.

fire door


Dorgard is a Battery Operated device designed to hold open a fire door safely and legally. Dorgard will automatically release upon hearing the fire alarm. Dorgard can be used to hold the fire door in any position between open and closed.

Fire Extinguisher Cover

Extinguisher Covers

Medium covers are designed as a low cost option to protect Fire Extinguishers from the elements. Suitable for 6kg/6lt Extinguishers or lower. Larger covers are available for bigger Extinguishers. Ideal for Extinguishers outside, in workshops, spray booths and clean areas.

Smoke Alarm

Smoke Detectors

Battery powered Smoke Detector offer a cheap and easy way to protect homes. Battery powered alarms can be installed easily and all models include a test button, power indicator light, battery locking and low battery warning indicator.

carbon monoxide detector

Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector is fitted with a high quality digital display. The display shows Carbon Monoxide readings that are taken every 15 seconds indicating any changes in CO levels. The alarm can be wall mounted or free standing. The Detector is British Kitemarked and can be used in homes, caravans and boats.

Redlam Panic Bolt

Panic Bolt

This Panic Bolt is the easiest way to secure a fire exit door but still comply to current fire regulations. To open the door in an emergency you simply break the Ceramtube with the hammer and chain provided which enables the bolt to be slid and open the door.

Panic Tubes


A panic bolt requires a Ceramtube to secure the door. The Ceramtube is much safer than glass making it safer for all areas. Sold in Boxes of 20 or individually.

Door Seals

Fire Door Seal

The security seal is designed to be affixed to a panic bar on an emergency exit. They are used to prevent non-essential use of a fire door but can be easily broken when the panic bar is pushed open in a real emergency.

Key Box

Key Box

Key boxes are used to store keys to an Emergency Exit until required and to prevent unnecessary use.

Call Point Break Glass

Fire Alarm Spare Glass

We can provide spare glass for the many types of Fire Alarm Call points currently on the market.

Air Horn

Gas Horn

Ideal for attracting attention in an emergency. These are most suitable for building sites or caravan parks but can be used during maintenance of a fixed alarm system.

Smoke Can

Smoke Detector Tester Can

Ensure your smoke detectors will work when you need them the most with the Smoke Detector Aerosol Spray. It is simple to use and offers piece of mind.

Fire Bucket

Fire Buckets

We can provide either metal or plastic Fire Buckets which are ideal for petrol forecourts and other spillage risk areas.

fire warden kits

fire warden kit

Fire Warden Kits

We can provide your fire wardens with a comprehensive kit to look after your premises. Included in the kit are:

  • Fire Warden fluorescent hats.
  • Fluorescent Safety Vests.
  • Fluorescent Arm Bands.
  • A Torch.
  • Air Horns.
  • A Megaphone.

All supplied in a holdall for easy storage.

This pack is ideal for customers who have just taken out our Fire Marshall Training.